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"Coming and Going"

"Coming and Going" was presented at the Versatility Dance Festival in Colorado.
View the trailer for "Coming and Going" below.


"Malfunction" was presented by ADF’s Movies by Movers.

View the trailer for "Malfunction" below.

Suspenseful, intense, and a little quirky, "Malfunction" is a physical representation of a mechanical glitch.

Heading 5
"Reflect. Connect"
"Mirrors show us what we look like, not who we are."

Choreographed by: Shannon Mueller


Performed by: Amy Bozek, Madison Farfan, Jordan Fleming, Mya Fuchs, Amanda Grunloh, Lexi Godwin, Lily Godwin, Peyton Humberstone, Delaney Kempka, Kylee Henschel, Kylie Knepler, Christina Ryder, Julianna Ryder, Ellie Seid


Filmed and Edited by: Shannon Mueller


Music: "Patient" by Yan Perchuk


Special thank you to Shadowridge Dance Center

"The Road Less Traveled"

"The Road Less Traveled" was presented at the 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival in New York City, NY
Choreographed by: Shannon Mueller
Performed by: Madison Farfan, Mya Fuchs, Amanda Grunloh, Ginger Wolverton
Music by: Zack Hemsey
Costume Design and Construction by: Shannon Mueller, Judy Mueller

"The Blame Game"

The World Premiere of "The Blame Game" was performed at the 2018 San Diego International Fringe  Festival

About "The Blame Game"

The blame game...we are all players in the game whether we intend to be or not. In this theatrical dance production, audience members will become the jury as they uncover the truth: we are all guilty.


The World Premiere of "Escape" was performed at the San Diego International Fringe Festival

About “Escape”
"Escape: a six letter, two syllable word that can be a wondrous dream or a horrific nightmare.'s a lie." Audience members will question what it means to escape and will find themselves on the edge of their seats during this contemporary dance production. Combining dialogue, choreography, and storytelling, Shannon hopes audiences will escape from the confines of their mind and will reconsider what escaping means to them. When choreographing, Shannon aspires to bridge the gap between what can easily be talked about and what cannot. Creating something truthful is what she always strives for, especially when the truth cannot always be put into words.

About San Diego Fringe
San Diego International Fringe Festival is a project of Contact Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003 along with Actors Alliance of San Diego with the purpose building a network of creativity & communication. Contact Arts & AASD aim to connect ideas with social action through progressive performance & community engaged projects.

IMG_7437 (2)
doorknob touched up
Cast of "Escape"

"Where is the Line?"

"Where is the Line?" was performed at the Young Choreographers' Festival at Symphony Space in New York
Where is the Line_ by Shannon Mueller-280
Where is the Line_ by Shannon Mueller-284
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